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Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling is a quiet, non-percussive way of forming holes and openings.
The result is free from bursting or spoiling and requires little or no reinstatement work. Water and dust control attachments can be used where a clean environment is being worked in.
We tailor our wide range of expert diamond drilling services to your project.

Floor Sawing

Concrete floor cutting is commonly used for cutting flat surfaces such as motorways, bridges, pavements and floor slabs. Our concrete floor saws are able to cut up to 625mm in depth depending on the saw used.

Typical uses include trenching, joints, demolition cuts and floor chases.

Track Sawing

Wall sawing (also well known as "track sawing") provides an efficent solution for precision masonary and concrete wall cutting.
Powered by electricty, petrol, diesel, our machines are ideal for cutting holes in walls for doorways, windows, reducing wall heights and forming lift-shaft openings etc. Capable of cutting 750mm.

Wire sawing

Diamond wire cutting is a very flexible tool for masonary and concrete or steel cutting. It allows almost any large concrete or masonary/steel structure to be cut where other methods are not feasible.

It is an ideal tool for cutting and removing reinforced concrete, such as bridge sections, jetties, columns or beams.

Diamond wire sawing is particularly useful when extremely thick and/or awkward shapes need cutting.

Controlled Demolition

Hand Crunching

Hand crunching provides an almost silent controlled demolition technique for crushing concrete or masonary.

Bursting / Splitting

This technique will burst reinforced mass concrete and masonary using hydraulic, ie no-percussive action.

Brokk Robots

Tracked electric robotic breaking, digging & crunching machine from 500KG upto 5000KG